Jordan grew up in Orange County, California, immersed in the arts of piano, singing, & acting, studying under his amazing grandmother Jill Grande Goodsell. He also grew up playing basketball, coached by his accomplished father, Rubén. While dedicated in all of his disciplines, Jordan grew up dreaming of being a star player in the NBA and continued playing through high school (because being a jock is cool).

While in HS, Jordan had the opportunity to combine his loves and play jock-turned musical theatre hero, Troy Bolton in High School Musical. This led him to to choose a career in acting (because Troy Bolton is cool).

Jordan went on to pursue a BFA Theatre Performance degree from Chapman University, where he fell in love with creating his own work and directing. In college, he had the honor of being a part of SpringboardNYC with The American Theatre Wing, which ignited his desire to live in New York City. 

While living in California with a New York State of Mind, Jordan had incredible acting opportunities like originating the role of Hakujin in the Los Angeles production of Allegiance starring George Takei and performing in the original cast of Frozen Live at the Hyperion at Disney's California Adventure directed by Liesl Tommy.

Jordan made his dream a reality and is now working full-time and pursuing his passion in New York City. Jordan is now proudly represented by Firestarter Entertainment and cannot wait to hit the ground running again.

Jordan is currently the Director of Operations at The Growing Studio where he works with top industry professionals to create relevant programming and opportunities for professional actors worldwide. When not onstage, Jordan enjoys arranging a Capella music, cooking, and still shoots hoops from time to time (because... gotta keep your head in the game). 
Jordan is proud of where he comes from. He is grateful to his inner circle for always inspiring and encouraging him to follow his dreams and tell his story. He encourages you to put yourself out there, strive to make a difference, and to, ultimately, be bold.


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