The Raw, Authentic, Truncated

& Totally True Tale of

Jordan Taylor Goodsell

An extremely authorized, factual, MLA formatted, and works cited autobiography


Born and raised in Orange County, California, Jordan grew up in two worlds, one family. (Thanks, Disney) 

World 1: Performing Arts

His grandmother, Jill, is an accomplished opera singer, pianist, teacher, and actress, having taught and introduced Jordan to all of the above since he could walk and talk.


World 2: Basketball

His father, Rubén, is an accomplished businessman and basketball coach, having coached Jordan all the way throughout his childhood in NJB to his high school years as the star of the critically acclaimed Lutheran High School of Orange County Sophomore basketball team.

Ultimately, Jordan had to make a choice and pursue only one of these worlds. The following scene takes place before the 2006 film High School Musical was released.

JORDAN: (despairingly) Well, I guess I really can't have the best of both worlds. But, when I look at you, Hannah Montana, I really feel like I can! I mean, you did it. So, why can't I?

HANNAH: You're right, Jordan. I totally did. But, you're not me! You gotta take a look at your worlds What do you notice?

JORDAN: I mean...I guess they're one in the same! In both basketball and the performing arts, you have to have an exemplary ethic and understanding of what hard work is, self-discipline, compassion, a willingness to work with others, a positive mindset and attitude, an overall belief in what you're doing, and a determination to accomplish it no matter what.

HANNAH: See? You can soar. You can fly. There really isn't a star in heaven that you can't reach.

JORDAN: Wow. You're so poetic, Hannah Montana. As much as I appreciate your can-do Disney mentality, I just don't see how it fits with my worlds. I wish I had a sort of template or a guideline. Some sort of film or something that is know?

HANNAH: (a thought; calls Kenny Ortega)

And then a miracle happened.

Jordan's high school chose to put on the stage adaptation of High School Musical on Stage!, in which Jordan was cast as Troy Bolton! He truly got to live out the best of his both worlds. (Thanks again, Disney). 

After playing Troy, Jordan went on to pursue a BFA Theatre Performance degree at Chapman University, study with the American Theatre Wing in their two-week summer intensive: SpringboardNYC, and is now working full-time and pursuing his passion in New York City; a life-long dream of his that he has been working towards his entire life. His grandmother lived it, his father was born into it, and now it is Jordan's turn to create his legacy here.

Some of his favorite performance career highlights, after HSM on stage! of course, includes originating the role of Hakujin in the Los Angeles production of Allegiance starring George Takei, co-starring alongside Rashida Jones in an episode of Angie Tribeca, and performing in the original cast of Frozen Live at the Hyperion at Disney's California Adventure directed by Liesl Tommy. (Hey. Thanks again, Disney)

If Jordan knows anything from the best of his both worlds, it's how he described it to Hannah Montana above...which, by the way, was an actual conversation that actually happened in reality... Actually. Thank God it has been documented for the world to see. 


People who know Jordan best would describe him as passionate, hard working, intelligent, kind, collaborative, and funny. Yikes - what a handful, am I right? Jordan has an authentic purpose to his life and strives to make a positive impact in everything that he does and to anyone that he encounters along his path. He is proud of where he comes from and is grateful to his inner circle for providing constant inspiration, upliftment, and encouraging him to pursue his passion, follow his dreams, and tell his story. He encourages you to put yourself out there, tell your story, be you because no one else can, strive to make a difference, and to ultimately be bold.


Let's get to work. Together.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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